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Cimetidine Tablets may be used to reduce stomach acid production in horses, dogs and cats. Cimetidine may be used to aid in the treatment of existing ulcers and help prevent ulcer development. Cimetidine Tablets may be used in the treatment of reflux or to reduce inflammation of the esophagus or stomach.

GastroGard for Horses

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FDA-approved GastroGard (Omeprazole) Paste is used for treatment and prevention of recurrence of gastric ulcers in horses. GastroGard Paste is recommended for oral use in horses and foals 4 weeks of age and older. Each syringe contains 2.28 grams omeprazole. For treatment, administer once daily for 4 weeks, at the rate of one syringe per 1250 lbs. of body weight. For prevention of recurrence, continue with 1/2 syringe daily per 1250 lbs. for an additional 4 weeks. Omeprazole.


Metoclopramide Tablets may be used as an antiemetic. Metoclopramide Tablets may help reduce vomiting and reflux.


Sucralfate Tablets contain sucralfate, a gastric protectant used in the treatment and prevention of equine gastric ulcers. Sucralfate helps provide a protective coating over the lining of the stomach and small intestine.